Thank you for stopping in! If you are new to the digital download world or just want to know how this site works, you are in the right place!

Download Example
Download Example

Cascade Daisy Flowers 004 Web Download

    We will use this Web Download of these Cascade Daisy Flowers

    Step 1. Viewing

    Step one will be to view the photography you are looking at purchasing as a download.

    You can use the " Quick View " button provided. Or the Full View as shown in the example below.

    Step 2. Making Single Purchase

    After making your selection you can pay with PalPal, which I recommend for it is just easy! See example;

    2.b Multiple Selections

    Or you can put your selection into the cart! Fantastic if you are wanting to purchase multiple selections !

    Every selection is easy to see in the cart with the, "View Cart" Button provided!

    Step 3. Cart

    After making your selections you will visit your cart. This is where all your selections will be located at. With price of each , as well as the total price of your selections.

    You can adjust each of your selections with a " + " or " - " buttons. The coupon Code box and payment options is here . A image of each selection is there for your convenience .

    Step 4. Checkout

    The checkout page is where you can sign in if a returning customer with the button provided.

    If you have a coupon , there is a button provided for coupons.

    There is three options right now for payment.

    1. Mail a Check or Money Order. This option is for convenience. Of course this option is the longest for everything needs to clear the bank first.

    2. PayPal . There is a button there to provide information for those who have never used their service.

    3. PayPal Express

    Step 5. Email

    Your email will provide you with ;

    A. the product you ordered link

    B. The link to your product zip file which contains your image file and whatever license you purchased with the image, a online download to be used on say your website.

    Or your License for a full image to be printed out at home or any professional photography location.

    Your Name , Billing Address, your email. No sensitive banking information is saved on this website! Nor does this site sale your information!

    Step 6. Your Purchase

    This is the beauty of downloads!

    Your Purchased Download will pop up from the link in your email!

    From here it is hard to say how your setup is like?? Some of you are at home on laptops, tablets, desktops while others are on your cell phones. Either way you should have a download file where all your downloads are at.

    In my day downloads were all stored by default on your C drive. If you had more drives on your device you are using then you had to change this on your device.

    On my laptop I have another drive I place downloads at. I changed this C: Drive to that. On my desktop I have more then one hard drive , internal and external . Depends on what I am downloading depends where I place my download at.

    My tablet had a download folder which I put onto my external drive rather quickly to save the card I have put into it. My phone as well. I transfer such things to my External Hard Drive as soon as I can to again save space!

    If you purchased a Print Download, your device maybe hooked up to your printer wireless, Bluetooth even (dont you just love Bluetooth!!), either way hit the print button! Or you can beam the file right over to which ever place you want to use to process the image. When asked if you have permission to use the file, yes you do!

    You can also take your device into where ever you want to develop the image and you have a copy of the license to show the place !

    You may see some of the files are in other formats other then jpg ? These have been requests. Just email me a request.

    If you like to get in touch my contact form is above, I am still a email user haha! I make time for twitter , because it is fun!!I am found around the web - Thank you for coming by and reading this tutorial !